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A NFT Wireless 8% Monthly Residual Pool Plus Ownership Stock Certificate

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A NFT Wireless 8% Monthly Residual Pool Plus Ownership Stock Certificate

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 G9 Legacy NFT Residual Monthly Wireless Pool

 Go9Tro Wireless Monthly Residual NFT Sharing Pool

All G9 Legacy NFT Cards purchases qualify for the global go9Tro Wireless residual pool. Each card represents a UNIT in monthly sharing pool.

The 5% represents all airtime wireless usage globally.

You will receive 750 g9tro tokens with this purchase!

Calculation: Global Wireless Usage Gross Profit – Cost = Net Profit X 5% Divided By The Number UNITS (Cards) = Residual Pool Share Per Unit (NFT Card Owner).

*Paid monthly in ETH for G9 Legacy NFT Cards owners.

*80,000 limited cards representing the total number of Stock Certificates being given away free for ownership of common stock in Go9Tro Global Inc.(80k)  

go9tro Wireless 8% Profit Pool.

 There are No minimums or Maximums of card purchases, you are only limited based on card availability!

Each card represents 20,000 cards each.

Each NFT card owner will be sent: One unique stock certificate with serial number on it, including their name or company and blockchain verified purchase hash or ethereum block id, which represents ownership and proof of purchase , starting April 15 2021 until all cards are Soldout.

1. Internet Service Card

2. Mobile Service Card

3. Combo (Internet & Mobile) Card

4. Unlimited Card

5. Free with Purchase 1 Share of Stock (GO9TRO GLOBAL INC. per NFT)


Go9Tro Wireless sees NFTs as an alternative to the ICOs of the past. The unique benefits of owning Go9Tro Wireless NFT Cards are, all card owners participate in Go9Tro Wireless ISP Hotspot, Mobile and Crypto POS revenues with Ethereum distribution monthly on a global scale.

Go9Tro Wireless sees NFTs as a huge opportunity for all legitimate utility backed Ethereum projects to offer NON-Fungible Tokens as an asset class to promote global projects through sells of NFTs. Go9Tro Wireless is currently shipping Wi-Fi gateways, and patented Internet Hotspots to 136 countries currently. 

Ownership of cards represent a permanent unit of participation in the wireless pool rewards program and can be sold or transferred based on the card owners discretion.

****All Ethereum Pool deposits are done monthly based on go9tro Wireless net wireless retail profit fees.

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 Go9Tro NFT's Crowdfunding the last mile of Global Internet Access for Everyone!


NFT Etherscan Confirmation for owners:

Please beware go9Tro does not control Cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

You are purchasing a product with a commodity not a currency.
Why does the price of Cryptocurrency fluctuate?
Bitcoin pricing is influenced by factors such as: the supply of bitcoin and market demand for it, the number of competing cryptocurrencies, and the exchanges it trades on. Jun 16, 2020

What Determines the Price of 1 Bitcoin? - Investopedia