$60,000.00 $75,000.00 saving $15,000.00
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$60,000.00 $75,000.00 saving $15,000.00
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These homes are a 24ft x 24ft (576sqft),3 bedrooms that sleeps up to 12 people that can be built anywhere around the world. They are engineered to Ontario Canada building codes for extreme cold, wind and snow loads so they are over built for many areas!
They are very energy efficient using modern technologies! They sit right on the level ground on concrete patio stone blocks. There is 4kw of solar panels installed on the roof.
There are 6 windows with blinds and 1 main door. The home is completely insulated which includes the floor, ceiling, and walls. The exterior is finished in vinyl wall board. The roof is finished in asphalt shingles.
A 5ftx 7ft 3-piece bathroom with hot and cold running water a toilet, sink and tub. Kitchen counter with shelves and sink. The home is all prewired with LED lights in every room and outside. Floor is finished with click board flooring. Interior walls and ceiling are finished in bright white vinyl board.
There are 3 ,8ftx 8ft bedrooms with 2 bunkbeds in each room that can sleep 4 people in each room. Prewired LED lights with electrical outlets and a window with blind in each room. We supply the mattresses for the beds and has a privacy door in each room.
For the kitchen we fully stock everything and supply hot and cold running water for the sink, an 800-watt microwave,2 burners electric cook stove, an electric fridge/freezer, pots, pans, plates, forks, knives, cups, Prewired LED lights and outlets. We supply a kitchen table and 6 chairs

The bathroom is 5ftx 7ft with hot and cold running water, tub/shower, toilet, and sink. Led lights and outlets. The well pump is also located in the bathroom.

The living room has a woodstove or pellet stove for heat in the corner, an LED SMART TV connected to the internet on the wall, a computer desk with a computer preprogrammed with our crypto currency mining program.
Our mining program uses the free electricity our micro power stations provide to power the computer and satellite internet connection to provide a daily income for the homeowner. We supply a sectional couch and coffee table and home phone which is connected to the internet. We provide a built-in air conditioner. Because the home now has free electricity, we are able to provide a satellite internet connection that also provides free TV (basic channels and internet TV) and internet telephone.
Well, Septic and Hot Water, for the well we drill down in the ground until we hit water, install a pipe, and connect it to the pump in the bathroom, considerably basic well system! For septic we have our 600-gallon plastic tanks that are sunk in the ground with 4 leach pipes on the side. Solids sink to the bottom of the tank and liquids drain out through the leach pipes.
Tanks have lids and can be pumped out when full. It is a basic septic system. Hot water is supplied from our 45-gallon black plastic drum that holds the water until needed at air temperature or above from the thermal heat the black plastic draws, then when the hot water tap is turned on in the kitchen or bathroom the water travels from the 45 gallons drum up to the roof of the home where is passes through 300ft of black plastic pipe that increases the temperature of the water before it reaches the kitchen or bathroom. An on-demand propane water heater is an option and a must for any cold climates.

ELECTRICITY is supplied by 4kw of solar panels mounted on the roof feeding the VX SMART HOME MICRO POWER STATION that is connected directly to the homes electrical panel and supply’s free electricity to the complete home! It powers the water pump, fridge/freezer, lights, internet modem, microwave, cook stove , TV ,phone, air conditioner, computer and all the outlets inside and outside the home.

INTERNET CONNECTION is supplied by Go9Tro Wireless to any location around the world!

Because we supply free electricity, we are able to install the modem inside the micro power stations where it receives continuous power. The free electricity and internet connection allows us to power the SMART LED TV and provide free TV. Our micro power stations provide the power to the home phone and the internet connection provides the home with a phone number for a free home phone service. The free electricity and internet connection powers the computer that provides multiple income sources for the homeowner!

The homes are only 50k US or 65k Canadian completely furnished like the video without well and septic. They are 65k US or 80k Canadian with well and septic.

They are built on your site in only 5-10 days based on local team experience.
Deliver You can connect multiples together to make a larger building if you require. Bedrooms can be changed from a 3 bedroom to whatever you prefer. The buildings are dark brown exterior for cold climates and a white exterior for hot climates.

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