Wearable Tech

 For many life sciences companies, Covid-19 has provided a perverse boost for business. Despite a worldwide recession, companies that manufacture products such as ventilators and other breathing support devices have found that the pandemic has triggered a huge increase in the demand for their product.

The same is true for wearable device manufacturers. Wearables were already on the up before the pandemic began, but research by GlobalData estimates that the market is now on track to increase from being worth nearly $27bn (£21bn) in 2019 to a whopping $64bn by 2024.

This is due to a surge in the number of people using wearable devices to monitor themselves for Covid-19 symptoms or, in some jurisdictions, to implement contact tracing and social distancing. go9Tro Wireless takes a closer look at some of the most compelling projects emerging from this space.



The LW-360HR is a wearable with BLE/ GPS/ LoRa® functions.
Small groups can keep contact with each other easier in a wide range of active areas based on GPS satellite positioning and LoRa® 's long-distance transmission technology (Up to 10+ KM)



LW004 series is a LoRaWAN®-Based network IoT button specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor tracker objects. It is compact, mini and easy to use. LW004-PB is a panic button that will send position information to the server when it is triggered until the alert is stopped. It can be used in case of an emergency for personal safety and alert notifications.

Special Order: This device has a lead time of 3-6 weeks.