Go9Tro Debit Card

g9tro Crowdfunding Platform Launches Crypto debit card for U.S. users!

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace G9Tro is launching July 2021 with a Visa debit card for U.S. users.

The card, the product of a collaboration with fintech startup Unbanked, will let users convert cryptocurrencies to dollars to make purchases, open a checking account, and withdraw funds from “any ATM worldwide,” according to an announcement post.

The card, which Go9tro and Unbanked are pitching as a way for “unbanked” or “underbanked” people to gain access to traditional financial services, can be used at over 45 million merchants and ATMs, the companies said. It will have a minimum balance of $10. 

Go9Tro Wireless is currently operating in 137 countries and with the Unbanked, Go9tro Wireless will have the ability to expand into another 13 countries with its patented 4G internet hotspot technologies.

Unbanked announced June 2 2021, they are expanding to offer a crypto-friendly, FDIC-insured bank account to residents of 150+ countries. But that is not all: Customers can now also buy BTC, ETH, and TERN with FIAT and settle to their personal wallets.

“Go9Tro Wireless now can complete its Whitepaper to provider the Unbanked market a means to join the bankable marketplace to provide Wireless internet last mile to global communities who represent over 1.7 Billion people with No digital IDs. This relationship will make g9tro Crowdfunding Platform complete its project to fund and be used as global a utility token helping millions of people around the world have access to the internet and the blockchain to cause  global adaption of All Blockchain Based technologies, powered by the g9tro Crowdfunding Platform called (g9tro tokens)

,” Go9Tro Wireless President Domingo de Torres said in an announcement at G9 Summit. Unbanked  CEO Daniel Gouldman added that his company is “committed to providing interoperability between cryptocurrencies and the traditional banking system.”

Go9tro’s new card arrives just a few weeks after G9 Summit ends June 13 2021. Pre-Register starts June 12 2021 Pre-Register NOW CLICK HERE!