City Developer


Developers help market and promote LoRa Hubs, and IoT products in a particular market.

 They sell, market and support the 10,000-city rollout of data hubs with go9Tro Wireless.

 City Developers work with projects, create, imagine, control, and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end of delivering city hubs to consumers.

City Developers usually take the greatest responsibility in the early adoption of Longfi technology training.

 Once a qualified City Developer is confirmed with a city of their choice, they receive monthly compensation for 5 years as a licensed contractor.

 There are NO guarantees of the city of choice.

 Cities are awarded based on availability at time of qualification.

 A City Developer will receive 10% on all LoRa Hubs sales from their url associated with this website.

Retail income is paid in cryptocurrency.

 Residual Income is based on data validations Only!

The network will reward City Developer 10% a month in a 5-year contract as a residual relationship for all data validations in his/her city.

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