Bitcoin POS Unit

April 19 2021  
PundiX, Arro Social and go9Tro Wireless will Install 5000 Retail Stores with PundiX POS units in USA  by the end of 2021 
Step 1 :
Hawaii is the first beta market for go9tro Wireless new partnership with Arro Social the exclusive USA distributor for PundiX. The goal is to bring Bitcoin back to Hawaii for the people and by the people. April 20 2021 100 units have been ordered for the Hawaii marketplace to bring Bitcoin to the mainstream Hawaii tourist and residents.
Step 2:
go9tro Wireless g9 Summit (June 9-13 Las Vegas ) will be the next step for market distribution in Las Vegas , NV. in 2021.
2021 Targeted Cites: Reno, Dallas, Austin, Salt Lake, Los Angeles, San Diego, Montreal, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, Casper, San Francisco, El Paso, Park City, Tahoe, Miami, San Juan, PR.
Advertisers, developers, and ad network can place advertisement through Pundi X advertising platform. The ad content and placement can be consumer ads on the receipts and on Pundi XPASS cards.
Any store Can buy, Sell and Accept digital currency

Empowering blockchain developers, token holders, merchants and consumers to transact in digital currency at any physical store in the world. Making digital currency accessible to everyone.
Step3 :
go9Tro has established customer relationships with its commercial video production studio partner Competition Zero. Competition Zero has filmed over 120 Las Vegas local business commercials. The POS distribution goal is 300 potential locations for the PundiX Bitcoin POS units by  September 2021. go9Tro previous clients include Caesar Entertainments and Dream Exotics Rentals of Las Vegas.
We are Excited to Announce the partnership to all of our global go9tro Wireless members. Arro Social & go9Tro Wireless global  partnership for wireless cryptocurrency technology advancement.
go9Tro Wireless Team