How The Internet Of Things Is Transforming 21st-Century Manufacturing

The internet of things (IoT) is transforming how we live and work in the 21st century. Nearly everyone has a connected device in their home, such as smart thermostats, lightbulbs, speakers and the virtual assistants we talk to on our phones. Many manufacturers began investing in IoT many years ago, with the goal of becoming more efficient, productive and competitive.

According to Accenture, diverse industries -- from oil and gas, utilities, mining, agriculture, automotive, discrete manufacturing and beyond -- are leveraging IoT to connect the entire supply chain and collect data, driving artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. By leveraging a network of embedded sensors and devices connected to appliances, vehicles and other equipment throughout their manufacturing floors, warehouses and logistics operations, companies benefit from real-time process monitoring and control. This ultimately makes them better equipped to make faster, better-informed decisions.

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