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Tesla Award Program for Country Developers

G9 SUMMIT JUNE 9-13 2021

Evolution of Currency is the Trillion Dollar question of the century. What is the purchasing power of the dollar and other crypto currencies in the future? These and thousands of other questions will be discussed at G9 Summit by the forefront intellectuals leading the crypto currency industry today. Join us for the beginning of the future and help build inevitable. 


    We are building a company that has an innovative business model with 430 IoT products and services including world-class technology that provides advertisers with top tier select audiences across all digital environments around the World.

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    A company that creates a community of positive and successful people. People who are intent on building up the reputation of Affiliate Marketing by promoting the business with the highest level of integrity, and in the most ethical way.


    In a post Covid19 world where being secure is a thing of the past and jobs are not stable our company leans toward independent contractors and freelancers, to help many people seek out a financial ‘Plan B’ for peace of mind and happiness. Imagine how cryptocurrency has thrived in the most unstable business environment in history.

    Our members are participating in the two most profitable industries in the world the Internet of Things and Mobile & CTV advertising.

    Our plan is to be most successful company in our own vertical, we are the ‘go-to’ for individuals who want to enrich their lives in a simple meaningful way

  • Trusted Global Network

    go9Tro Wireless supplier network enables a global seamless network in 80 countries. g9Tro tokens are supported by the gateway sensor data validations, cellular SIM card activities, Bluetooth Beacons technologies, and all wireless enable services.

Publicly Traded March 1 2021

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